Hey there friends! Today’s a special day because I’m bringing you something different. You have been so generous with your questions and positive comments, that I wanted to thank you and take the time to answer as many of your questions as I can. Because of time restraints, I wasn’t able to fit in all your questions, however, if you like this content, we will definitely do it again.

So, let’s see if your question made it into this video, and don’t forget to let me know if you enjoy content like this! Your feedback means the world to me, and it helps me tailor future videos to your liking.

So, without further ado, let’s get started

Chef Jean-Pierre Q&A Video

Chef Jean-Pierre Q&A Video Transcript

Well, hello there friends . Different concept today, different setup, today. I’m at home. I decided to do the first Q&A at home. You guys have asked so many fabulous questions. I am so happy. I cannot tell you. Relax, glass of Chardonnay. I figure we have a talk.

Get yourself a glass of wine, and let’s drink and let’s enjoy ourselves. God bless America. God bless the world. We certainly need a lot of blessings right now.

Friends, let me start with a few questions. You’ve asked so many of them. I picked the most asked questions.


And I’m gonna say the name and forgive me because I’m gonna massacre your name. Forgive me. Don Pandemoniac, Bart Omand, Harry Mann, Conner Hanly asked a lot of the same questions. So I combined them into one:

“I and likely all the other fans would love to hear your story of getting interested in cooking, becoming a chef, and then a teacher. And all the motivations behind that. Why did you decide to move to the US? Who were your major influences? I’d love to hear some stories you have about coming to America as a French chef, and any challenges you faced along the way. I am sure with 50-plus years in the game, you have stories to tell.”

So, friends, there is so much to tell you. There’s so much to tell you. How did it all start? Well, I’m lucky enough, my Mom was a Corden Bleu Chef. So my Mom was an amazing chef, a beautiful, gentle kind being. She was wonderful. She loved everybody.

She, she always told me that I could do anything I wanted. All I had to do was work for it. And then of course, it was her Mom, an Italian Grandmother. My Grandmother did speak Italian. She did not speak French. She only spoke Italian. So she taught me the fundamentals of Italian cuisine. Then it was my uncle, the breadmaker, Renee. He was the best Gli France, that means one of the best French bakers in, in, in, in France.

Then I was five, six years old. I would get up in the middle of the night and make bread with him, . Then at 14 years old, I started my formal apprenticeship at L’Oustau de Baumaniere a three star, Michelin star restaurant. Then I worked at the Carlton Hotel in Can, then the Muk, another three style Michelin star restaurant L’Oasis at La Napoule, the leader of Nobel cuisine.

Then I started working on a cruise ship for a couple of years. That made me discover America . That brought me right there, to Fort Lauderdale. I was in my early twenties with just 300 dollar in my pockets, . A couple of years later, I opened up my first restaurant, the left bank, which became quickly one of the best restaurants in America. I hosted the cooking series on PBS, wrote three cookbooks. I have a cooking series on PBS and was lucky enough to be nominated by the James Beard Foundation for the best culinary videos.

I retired from the restaurant business in 1997 and for a fun retirement gig, I decided to open a cook, a cooking school. It was so much fun that I kept it going for 22 years. Then Covid came. Covid came and disturbed a disturb us all. I retired again.

Chef Jean-Pierre's Cooking School

This time as a retirement gig. I started the YouTube channel. And I can tell you my friends, that retirement gets better every time you do it. This is the most rewarding experience of my life. The difference? The difference is the difference that I make in, in sharing my experience. My 50 years experience in a kitchen is just amazing. So I am so happy to have this opportunity to share with you and to have fun with you, and I know a lot of you appreciate it. So this is a quick synopsis of my 50 years. How did I get here? I don’t want to bore you too much with too many details. So let’s get into some other questions.


So we have Alex Villanueva. I hope I said it correctly.

“My question is actually for both of you.” That’s Jack and I. “Can you gentlemen share with us when and where the two of you first met and how you were able to found to form a good relationship with each other?”

Well, I met Jack about 17 years ago. So I guess he was four or five years old. He was the, he, he is the son of my girlfriend, Leanne. And she’s been my girlfriend for 17 years. And, uh, we have started working together about three years ago, three years ago, he came to me and he says, “I need a job. I don’t want a favor. I just want a job.” I say, well, we’re gonna be starting a YouTube channel. We’re gonna need an editor. What do you know about editing? “Not much, but I can learn.”

As you can see, he’s learned a lot. And he’s been fantastic to work with. It’s been a great pleasure. He’s learning every day. Studying everything, studying sounds, studying lighting, studying camera work is doing a fantastic job.

A lot of people have asked, when are we gonna see him in front of the camera? He is a little shy, you know, 22 years old. I was shy too, but he will be in front of the camera one day. We don’t know exactly what he’s gonna do, but he’s working on it. He’s promised me that one day he’s gonna be in front of the camera when he feels like it. So we are looking forward to it.


Next question, jancer47.

“Hi chef and Jack. I absolutely love the channel. My question is when…” Oh, , I already answered that question. When can we see Jack and camera? I already answered it.


All right, next question. This one is from Qlevy. I don’t know how to say it.

“Some may say that cutting speed is determined by the experience of a cook. And maybe there is actually a method to improve the speed of cutting things.”

I already touched that in the um, in the Knife Cutting Skills, but you may not have seen this. So I recommend you watch it because yes, indeed it is about experience.

Very simple friends. They, um, very simple. The idea is to make sure when you’re cut any vegetables, anything, and if you are going to use the claw. You don’t necessarily need the claw all the time, but if you wanna go fast, you need the claw. We’re talking about slicing and dicing. The secret is very simple and you watch that video, uh, uh, Jack’s gonna give you a link in it.

It’s, uh, to make sure the knife is right against the knuckle. The first or the second knuckle, whichever one you use. I use this one, the middle knuckle. And as long as your knife is constantly touching, you know exactly where you are all time because you know where a knife, you don’t need to look, you know where the knife is right there. As long as you feel the cold steel on your knuckle, you can go up and down, up and down, up and down. And as long as you you touching, you know where you are, you don’t need to cut, you’re not gonna cut yourself. And that is the the only way you’re not gonna cut yourself.

You have to be careful and you have to practice slowly. Don’t try to go fast first. Go slow, slow and good. Slow and perfect. Don’t try to go too fast cuz you’re gonna be sloppy and your knife is not gonna touch.

See somebody with not experience their knife is close to the finger, but not touching. It’s impossible to do it. You have to have the knife against. Don’t be afraid. You’re not gonna cut yourself. Alright, but watch that video friends. A lot of people have asked that question, so I’m glad I answered it.


So now another question from KBar.

“Which of your recipes do you really love and your feel did not get received or did not receive the we, the, the, the success it deserved?”

Well, there is a few of them and you know what happened is when we started the channel two and a half years ago is when we did all those fantastic recipe. And what happened is a lot of you look forward to the new recipe, the new release every week on Monday and Thursday. But you don’t look back at what we did two and a half years ago in some of our best recipe are there.

So I highly recommend in friends you go backward once in a while and go back and see the old one. I’m gonna give you a few of my favorite that really did not get any coverage at all.

Stuffed Portobello MushroomThe Stuffed Portobello Mushroom, phenomenal recipe. So easy. The beauty about this recipe, you can make it in advance. All you gotta do with the last minute is a little Arugala Salad, put it on top and it’s fantastic.

Black Cherry Clafoutis (Custard Pie)The Cherry Clafoutis, Black Cherry Clafoutis Custard Pie. A child could do it , but it’s true. A child could do this one. It’s so simple. You gotta try to make, we give you the link down there for so you can all see it.

An Easy Cheese Soufflé Recipe The Cheese Soufflé that never falls. That is a fantastic recipe as an appetizer, as a side, it’s fantastic and it’s so easy to make.

How to make Melting Chocolate Lava CakeThe Chocolate Truffle and my Chocolate Fondant. The Chocolate Fondant. has to be my favorite dessert of all time. And it takes minutes to make it. Literally. This one, believe it or not… Imagine friends, we have almost 1,300,000 subscribers. That video only got 59,000 subscriber, uh, far, uh, r uh, views. I can’t speak this morning. Maybe it’s the wine. Maybe I didn’t have enough to your good health, my friend. Hmm, delicious.

Ah, 59,000 views out of 1,300,000 that shows you that didn’t get any view. And it’s my favorite desert of all time. And it’s so simple to make. This is like a no-brainer. Remind, uh, Jack reminded me the other day we had a party of 20 people. Friends and uh, and they ate all the first dessert I did. I said, I gotta make something else. 15 minutes. I had 20 uh, Chocolate Fondants ready go. It’s so easy to make. You gotta look into it.

Easy Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya RecipeAlso a recipe that didn’t get much, uh, uh, uh, view is, uh, the Chicken Sausage Jambalaya. Uh, one pot. Amazing.

Creamy Polenta & Polenta Cake _ Chef Jean-Pierre And the last one, I mean a lot of them, but last one, Creamy Polenta. I make a polenta that is like the most amazing polenta you’ve ever had. You make this with a garlic shrimp, I promise you, you are making it again with, with lamb, with steak, with anything. It’s really, really amazing. That goat cheese polenta recipe is amazing. It’s my Mom’s recipe. And I’m telling you, I’ve never had a better polenta. Never.

Most polenta you go to a restaurant, they make it with water. Water. You know, I don’t use water. Yeah, I use a little butter and nice cheese and the chicken stock. It’s amazing. You gotta try it.


Alright friends. Also, same KBar question.

“Also, is there any recipe off-limit that you do not want to cook?”

Well, I don’t like certain food products as a chef. I should be ashamed as especially as a French chef. But I don’t like oysters. I mean, I don’t mind cooking them like an Oyster Rockefeller, ooh I love Oyster Rockefeller. It’s wonderful, right? Uh, but I don’t like the texture of a raw oyster. Like couldn’t do it.

Liver? Don’t like liver. My mom would always make liver so delicious that I like, I don’t like the texture of it. The flavor is wonderful, but don’t like the texture of it. Uh, Tripes. Have you ever had tripe? Oh, that’s very Italian. When my Mom would make tripe, it would smell three blocks away. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the flavor. I don’t like the texture.

Lamb testicle. You know, there’s people didn’t cook testicle this day. They . I’m telling you there’s some on YouTube. There’s this guy I’m cooking lamb testicle. No, not for me. I’m not winner them. I leave them where they belong. Huh? Kidneys. I don’t like kidneys. Sweet breads. I don’t like sweet bread. I don’t like the texture of some foods. So I guess I’m more American than I’m French. What can I tell you?


Then another question. friends, uh, drummerdude, drummerdude8323. That’s his name, drummerdude, I guess he’s a drummer friends.

Let me see. Yes. “Are you afraid of running out a recipes, an ideas for doing, since you’re doing two amazing” – Thank you – “videos a week? How do you decide what to make for each video?”

Ahh it becomes a little bit of an issue sometime, friends, because, uh, I know then so many recipe of so many great technique, but so many of you have not seen it because you do subscribers or you just haven’t got to it yet.

And so, and I think it’s important to do, but there’s only so many ways to make a red wine reduction. There’s so, so many way to make a mac and cheese. There’s only so many way to make a beef stew comes to the end of it again. You know, I’m gonna invent a few stews. I’m gonna invent a So yes, once in a while it’s a little challenge and I wanna do things that are gonna be, uh, popular. I wanna be, I wanna do things that are gonna be easy for you to do and I wanna do things that are so complicated, then you’re not gonna do it.

So yes, once in a while, that’s why I love to hear what you wanna do. So remember, constantly send us, “Hey, do this, do this…” You know, how many good shows I have done because of you guys asking for it. Lot of great ideas, uh, uh, uh, that you guys have said, “Why don’t you do this?” And I did it and wow it was a great success. So, uh, please keep sending them in.



“What is the meal you cook most often for yourself and your family?”

You know, I do easy things. Um, most of the time I eat leftover of the show that we did the day before. Cause it’s always extra, but…

Scrambled Eggs Recipe 1 of Top 10 Easy Breakfast Recipes I love scrambled eggs. When I don’t know what to cook, I go in, I always got eggs. You can put a bunch of stuff on scrambled eggs. Stir fry. I love making a stir fry. Get your good protein and whatever you got, you put in it. The secret of having fun in the kitchen is to know what to do with the ingredients.

Easy Frittata Recipe Frittata, I love making a Frittata. It’s so easy. It’s another recipe that you guys have not seen. A lot of you have not seen. You probably got a hundred, 150,000 views out of 1,300,000 subscribers,  is a must, friends. You can make it on Sunday and you have it for two or three days for lunch. It’s wonderful with a little salad, fantastic.

Steak Au PoivreI love making Steak Au Poivre. When I’m gonna make a steak, uh, uh, I’m gonna make a a, a New York Strip or a Ribeye or a FIlet Mignon, I’m gonna make with a peppercorn sauces. I love making that.

Buttered Poached SalmonUh, of course I eat a lot of fish. We’re in Florida, we eat a lot of fish even if it’s not a Snapper or Mahi Mahi or or salt fish. I love Salmon. Uh, so many ways to make fish. I love Salmon.

Easy Bolognese SauceBolognese. Bolognese, I love Bolognese. I’ve made two or three videos on Bolognese with a Sausage Bolognese. I made one not too long ago. I’ve released, I hope you guys watch it. It’s fantastic. So I make that a lot. And when I make, I make a big batch, because you can stuff zucchini, you can stuff peppers, you can stuff tomatoes. You can add beans and make a dish. So out of one, one Bolognese, you can make a multitude of dishes. Make it, make it a big pot, and freeze it.


Alright, um, then another question from… Ooow, that’s gonna be a tough name to, to say KurayamiShikaku. Oh my goodness, forgive me.

Uh, “All of your dishes you’ve created in your career, which one is the one you’re most proud of it and why?”

Wow. Well, I certainly have created a lot, lots of dishes, uh, and my, and my cooking career. Indeed, the restaurant was certainly a place to create. But one of the dish that I did that I was the most proud of, it was my, um, duck breast stuffed with a, uh, uh, duck, leg confit. Uh, with caramelized onion and shallots and wrapped with bacon. Served with a pork wine reduction on top of a rutabaga. And, um, and parsnip. Uh, or no, not rutabaga and celery root puree.

Duck Breast stuffed with Duck ConfitThat dish is like magic in your, in your mouth. Between the duck breast and is cooked perfect, medium, medium rare, to the duck confit that melts in your mouth and the caramel on the vegetables, it’s an amazing dish. And, and that was one then when I would do at the restaurant.

A magazine wrote article about it, when I would do at the school, everybody would just love it. And I did it on the channel. Most people didn’t look at us . But that is one of the most unbelievable. When I cook for chefs and I wanna impress, I do duck breast to impress. It’s wonderful.


Alright, uh, another, uh, uh, question from somebody called Fontoflife. Again, forgive me, I’m terrible.

“All I can say is more recipes, cooking with butter” – I’m with you. “But honestly, when is it better to use butter or clarified butter? And when is it better to use olive oil instead of in your cooking? What’s your opinion? When people use both to, for added flavor or richness in their food?”

As we know, I’m the last video that I did, Butter is Good for You. When do we use clarify butter versus regular butter? Well, butter has milk protein. When you do clarified butter, you’ll remove the milk. So now all you have is butter fat. Butter fat is a very high smoke point, 450 regular bottle with a milk and it burns at 250 degrees.

So it’s very easy to understand when you need to cook something, at a high point like sauteing a steak, sauteing, uh, fish, whatever it is, potatoes, whatever it is. So it’s gonna be in a fry pan for a while. You don’t want it to burn. So you clarified butter. Otherwise, at the end of a sauce, you’re not gonna cook it so high, then you’re not gonna burn it. So you put whole butter cuz you want that meal protein. So that’s really a quick explanation.

“Is it good to add both of them?”

You know, you know what I find a lot. I see people then put, uh, butter and they go pull a little bit of olive oil. The bottle is not gonna burn butter burns because it’s milk protein. I don’t care if you adding olive oil to it, the milk protein is still gonna burn when you reach 250, 275. So putting the two of them for flavor, yes. But not to avoid the, the bottle from burning. Quick answer. I hope you’re satisfied with the answer.


Uh, okay, another question from SR H,

“If you could, choose, if you could choose only one breakfast, one dinner, one dessert to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Well, for breakfast it would be a French Toast with Eggs Benedict. I did a, uh, a French toast and egg benedict for desserts breakfast for the rest of my life, I better, but I have two of them, right?

Uh, for a main course, it would have to be a Steak Au Poivre, because I love Steak Au Poivre. I will be that if a dessert, it would’ve to be my Melting Chocolate Cake or my Chocolate Mousse.

Best Chocolate Mousse Recipe


All right, another question from Batvolle. Batvolle, uh, has been following us for many, many, many years since we started. Two and a half, three years.

“Thank you for your content and your dedication toward teaching the whole world how to cook. You don’t use garlic puree anymore. Why?”

When I started the, the channel, I introduced my famous garlic puree that I would use at the school because they were yet the same student. And it was something I taught on a YouTube channel. And what happened is I found, and as I was using it, a lot of the newcomers would come into the channel and go, what are you using? What’s that garic puree. So I would refer them to it, but it was not a success. So I decided to chop my garlic as I needed. But for those of you that are interested in the garlic puree, it’s a fantastic recipe. It’s just garlic cloves that were pureed with olive oil, we make a paste and we use it in ice cubes tray or in little container in freezer. And as we need it, we take it out and we use the fantastic way to introduce garlic.

But that’s the reason why I don’t use it. Too many new subscribers on a regular basis. Every day we get a thousand, 1500, 2000, 3000 new subscriber. And if I’m using it, they’re not gonna know what it is and I don’t wanna refer them to making it. So that’s why I don’t use it that often anymore.

Uh, oh, I lost my, my place. Okay, “You started shipping to other countries, would you ship to Germany?”

We’ll ship anywhere in the world. But the shipping charges are ridiculous and we only charge the shipping charges then the post office charges us. And it’s ridiculous. So if you want us to ship certain things to Germany or whatever, send us an email at, uh, uh, youtube@chefjp.com, youtube@chefjp.com. Let us know what country you in, what address you have, and what it is you would like us to ship. And then we’ll tell you what the shipping charges would be based on what they’re charging us, and see if it’s worth the shipping. Sometime it might be better for you to find a product where you are in your, in a country you are in, but thank you for asking.

Um, also, “Would you ever do a, a meetup? I would fly to Florida night to see you.”

Well, that’s very kind of you and I’m flattered. Uh, we will do that. We will organize a nice meetup. I’m not sure where, when, uh, well, we’re gonna do it. I want to do it in a place where, uh, you guys can experience my food and we’re gonna have fun doing it. So I’m not sure when, but one of these days we’re gonna do it, I promise.


All right, uh, then we have another question from, and then I just have a few more questions, friends, from Isurus. Isurus312.

“What is the significance of a knife frame on the wall on the right of the sink?”

Well, to make it easy, friends, I brought it for those of you that may not have seen it , it’s a knife that I have. Uh, uh, I, uh, I have, uh, uh, was given to me by, um, the, uh, SOS – Share Our Strength Foundation.

Share Our Strength Foundation - Chef Jean-Pierre We, uh, cooked a, a dinner for the victims of a hurricane Andrew a few years ago. We had a big event with 60 chefs, 30 from, uh, the state of Florida and 30 from out of state. Each Florida chef invited an out of state chef. I invited Lu from Lak in San Francisco, one of the greatest chefs that ever lived and stayed in America, and live in America. He owned one of the most romantic restaurant in America called Lak. Good friend of mine came down from Florida to he from, uh, San Francisco to help us raise money for the victims of Hurricane Andrew. And they gave us this knife as a token of their appreciation. So that’s where it’s on the wall.


All right, uh, then we have a question from, uh, Wabbit, W A B B I T after cooking the steak.

Oh, that’s a good question. “After cooking the steak, it should be left for resting. However, it turns cold, even using a tin fold to cover it, especially in winter, A chef’s lamp is expensive. So what do I do?”

Well, friends, the reason why you let the steak relax. Think about something. When you put a steak first in the oven, or you know, in the grill or in the fry pan, the juices runs away from the heat source. Like you’re putting a flame in front of a water, it runs away, it goes inside the steak. And it it gets inside the steak. So what happens is when you take it out, the outside of the steaks are dried out. So you must let the juices redistribute from the center back into the center, sorry, back into the outside.

If you’re cut it right away, you’re gonna lose all the juices because it’s in the center of it. You need to let it go back. And what it does, it redistribute. Re-moisting the outside. And as it does this, it actually rises in temperature. A uh, a single steak or a single, uh, breast of chicken will rise up to five to six degrees. The first five minutes, it rises up. It doesn’t go down in temperature right away. So, and a and, and a roast goes up for 10 to 15 minutes, goes up in temperature.

So you let a rest, don’t worry, you’re not gonna let it get cold. It’s not gonna get cold. 10 minutes is all you need. If you wanna lose all your juices, you cut it. And that’s no good. So it’s most important, and I promise you, you don’t lose temperature. You should check the temperature when you take it out and check it out 10 minutes later, you’ll see you lost maybe one or two degrees at the most. So it’s really important to let the rest.


Alright, and, and one more, uh, uh, a few more question. One question from, uh, Helen 13.

“How do you peel and chop the onion regarding, without getting tears?”

Well, you wear contact lenses, , that’s number one. If you don’t wear contact lenses, you take one of those friends. , there you go. The onion goggles. I promise you they work wonderful. If you do any diving, diving, goggles, the idea is to stop the gas that is released. When you cut the onion, you, you re you release the gas, then react with the water in your eyes, and that’s why you cry. You wanna make sure that gas does not touch your, the does not react with the water. Goggles or contact lenses. No secret.

Onion Goggles - Chef Jean-Pierre


Uh, another question, Alexandru Negru,

“Is cooking art or science?”

That’s a very good question and it could take a whole show to explain it. My philosophy of it is, it is science before it can become art, I believe. The secret of good food is to be able to extract the maximum amount of flavor and texture out of the ingredients. And if you understand the science behind it, what is heat do, what does cold do? What is shape do of an ingredient? When you understand that, then you can create art based on what you know. My own opinion. I’m sure there’s some people in my, have a different opinion.


Miche and Micky,

“Since I was once a chef in the past. I just enjoy watching you and getting inspired all over again. I have always cooked, but got into the rut. You’re making fun again. Thank you. You’re making cooking fun again. Thank you Chef, Mitch and Mickey.”

This is why I do the channel. This is why I decided to do the channel. This is why I decided to do a cooking school when I retired for the second time. For the first time, sorry. I did the cooking school because it was fun to share my knowledge and get people excited about cooking because it doesn’t take much. All it takes is just for you guys to do a few recipe and be successful and go, “Whoa I can do that?” Because at the end of the day, everybody can cook.

Everybody think. Some people think, oh, they’re just born lousy cook. Well, guess what? Everybody’s born lousy cook. Everybody’s born a lousy tennis player. You become one. Everybody’s born a lousy golfer, but you become one if you take the time to learn.

Same thing about food. Get comfortable. Anybody can get in the kitchen and cook. It’s so much more and it’s so rewarding. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than cooking for friends or family. So thank you for the, for the note and I’m so glad you’re back in the kitchen and I know a lot of you have done the same thing, so I’m so happy.


And then, uh, Mary Smith and enter a few more questions and I’m done. Mary Smith,

“I’m so excited for your Q&A video, so I’m looking forward to it. Do you have a prep chef then he for the videos? Or do you do it all yourself?”

Well, I do all my prep myself. I love doing it. And in fact it’s not that complicated, it’s not like I’m cooking for, for 50, a 100, 200 like in a restaurant, 500 people a night.

You don’t do that. You only cook for four people. It’s a lot of fun to do. It’s uh, it’s it’s therapeutic pure, uh, therapeutic to me. I love it. I’m at my desk, I’m doing some paperwork. Oh, let me go to the kitchen and chop and dice for a couple of hours. I love, I I don’t do all my dishes. I don’t do all my cleaning. Uh, but I have a great assistant. Been with me for 30 years.

Antonio is amazing. He, he, he takes care of all my stuff. He makes sure everything is perfect. So he’s been with me for 30 years and I’m so proud to, to have him working with me. He’s a wonderful man. So, but I do all of my chopping and dicing. He helps me over the… with a lot of stuff.

How has your cooking changed over the last 50 years?

Wow. How has cooking changed the last 50 years? Um, as cooking, not my cooking. My, my cooking has changed from classical to more fun. Um, but because years ago you had to do something, you had to follow the recipe and that was it. If you made Thermador Arancini you had to make a Thermador Arancini , if you made a recipe, if you classic recipe, you had to make it a classic way. You could not deviate.

Now you’re having fun with it. Cooking today, has changed where everybody’s comfortable in the kitchen. People have realized any, any, any trade, anybody can become a great cook. A doctor can be a great cook, A plumber can be a great cook. Electrician can be a cook. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. It’s not that complicated. So what happened is, I think we have to give the credit to the food network and then we have to give credit to YouTube that has been able to introduce cooking to so many of you.

Now you can watch what you want, when you want it. And in your eyes. And it’s not that complicated. So it has changed that way. 50 years ago, you will never, 50 years ago, you will never have heard of people cooking at home doing these kind of things. They were cooking of course, but it was completely different. Today they can cook anything. They’re comfortable doing anything. So it has changed a lot.


All right, one, two more questions, tj johnston.

“I love the show. And what I wanna know is, is your, it’s your beef broth or your beef stock or your vegetable stock…”  That’s what he wants to know. Forgive me, I bastardized the way I read the question. But he wants to, uh, see the chicken and beef broth recipe and vegetable broth. “Which is the center of the cooking of all my dishes?”

And you are right, uh, tj johnson. It is. And the reason why I answered your question is because we did two beefs, two beef, uh, uh, stock recipe, two chicken stock recipe, one vegetable stock recipe. But you haven’t seen them. So you are wondering that we should do them. And it’s because a lot of you don’t use the channel correctly.

Friends in the channel, there is, um, uh, I forgot what they call what the recipe all put together. Uh, playlist. Playlist, playlist, yes. Playlist. And when you go to the channel, look at the playlist and you’ll see all the stocks and soups are organized together, all the chicken organized together, all the, uh, seafood organized together.

But let’s say you don’t know where that is. Remember, in every channel there is the search bar. You can type and if you type, let’s say you are looking for my chicken stock recipe, or my beef stock recipe on YouTube, and you’re not on our channel. You type Chef Jean Pierre beef stock, Chef Jean Pierre chicken stock. I promise you, you’ll find it.

And again, if you’re having issue, you send us an email for those exact recipe you’re looking for and we’ll help you find them. All right? So thank you for the question. That was a great question.


And final question. Uh, PJ.20,

“We’d like to know which of your dishes will freeze well for 17 years, and which should not be frozen.”

Funny question. Um, well, in, in, in, in, in in general, uh, food in submerge, in liquid soup like soups, like stocks like stews, that a submerge in liquid will last a long time in a freezer. Um, uh, a long, long time in a freezer, uh, food that are not wrapped correctly, whether it is air then gets to it, uh, or moisture gets to it, they get freezer burned. They don’t last very long. So if you’re gonna freeze something to somehow make sure it’s submerge in a liquid, it’s a like a sauce, uh, stew freezers for a long, long time. I don’t believe in freezing fish or if you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it very short time. Same thing with me. You gotta do it for a short time.


All right, friends, many question I’ve had. We are think about 400 question only start a little bit. I didn’t want to bore you with more, but if you like this format, we’ll do it again.

So to you, to your family, to all your friends. Thanks for watching the channel. We are grateful of the support you gave us. And it’s an amazing opportunity for a retired chef. I highly recommend for all the chefs that are thinking about retiring, start your own YouTube channel and share with everybody what you know.

Thank you so much for watching. Remember Thumbs Up if you like the video. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, And ring that bell. God bless you all.

Thank You to Everyone for Your Support!


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