Chocolate & Hazelnut Truffle

For the Mixed Berry Coulis click here

Chocolate & Hazelnut Truffle

Servings 12


½ cup Almonds

    ½ cup Walnuts

      ½ cup Pecans

        ¼ cup of Sugar for the nuts

          2 cup Heavy Cream

            16 ounces Semi Sweet Chocolate (I use a 64% cacao butter)

              Zest of one Orange

                ¼ cup Kahlua

                  3 tablespoons Cocoa Powder for dusting top

                    Whipped cream and Raspberries (or other seasonal berries or cherries)


                      • CRUST
                        Process nuts and sugar of in food processor until fine in consistency, but not greasy (like wet sand).  Press about a large tablespoon or more of you like a thick crust into the bottom of each mold* and refrigerate while you make the filling.
                      • CHOCOLATE  GANACHE
                        Heat cream on medium heat.  Poor over chocolate and stir to melt and add the orange zest and the Kahlua.
                      • ASSEMBLE TORTE
                        Pour equal amount of chocolate mixture in each mold, place in your freezer or refrigerator for at least two hours or however long it take for the inside temperature to be 65º.  Carefully remove mold and decorate tops with whipped cream.  Serve with mixed berry coulis.


                      *Special Equipment
                      PVC Pipe Coupler, 2” diameter (home depot) – interior lightly sprayed with “Baker’s Joy” or other non-stick spray.

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