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How to Thicken a Sauce, Soup, Gravy, or Stew Perfectly!

Chef Jean Pierre shows you how to thicken a sauce, soup, gravy, or stew perfectly!

The Trick to Dicing an Onion

Chef Jean Pierre shows you how to peel and dice an onion

The Trick to Peeling and Dicing a Tomato

Chef Jean Pierre shows you how to peel and dice a tomato

How to Chop Veggies and Not Your Fingers

Chef Jean Pierre demonstrates the proper way to use a knife in chopping. With a little practice, you’ll be able to chop like a professional chef in no time!

Essential Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

Need to know the essential cooking tools for your next cooking cooking extravaganza? Here’s an overview from your favorite gourmet chef Jean-Pierre.

All About Kitchen Knives

  Chef Jean Pierre explains what knives are best for your kitchen and what their functions are.     Please share this video with family and friends! Thank you!...

Pots & Pans for a Well Equipped Kitchen

Chef Jean-Pierre gives you an overview of a variety of pots and pans, and explains which ones are most important for your kitchen.

Kitchen Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Today I am going to share with you some of my best Kitchen Tips, Tricks & Techniques that I’ve developed over my career as a professional chef. They are fun, easy to follow and can make your cooking life much easier.

Included is the video All About Kitchen Knives that explains different kitchen knives, what they are for, and which ones you should have in your kitchen. Other great kitchen explainer videos include Pots and Pans for a Well-Equipped Kitchen, and a video on what Essential Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Should Have.

I also demonstrate important techniques such as How to Chop Veggies and Not Your Fingers, which will have you chopping foods like a pro in no time. One of my most popular videos has been The Trick to Dicing an Onion, and you will also find a “How to” on Peeling and Dicing a Tomato.

I hope you find these helpful. And be sure to check back regularly because I plan on adding more videos!

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