How To Chop Vegetables Hello there friends, today I am following up on the biggest request on my YouTube Channel, I am going to show you how to chop vegetables like a chef! Something that is very easy to do with a little practice, combined with a little know-how. Today I am going to give you the know-how!

But before we start, I want to stress how important it is you always use a properly sharpened knife. When using a sharp knife, you have to always be careful. But using a dull knife, even when you are being careful can be even more dangerous.

When using a dull knife, it is more likely to slip and cause an accident. This is probably the most important point to remember when using a knife. A properly sharpened knife will slice through vegetables or other items smoothly, requiring less downward pressure and effort.

But when using a dull knife, it becomes much harder to cut through items, especially if they are hard such as a carrot, requiring more effort and downward pressure. Using a dull knife is a recipe for disaster. Always sharpen your knives before you use them.

So if your knives are sharpened, and you are ready to go, let’s get chopping!

Video Links To How To Cut 23 Different Vegetables

All the different vegetables are broken out into chapters on the Chef Jean-Pierre YouTube channel. So if you click on a link below it will take you to that specific chapter in my How to Cut the Most Common Vegetables video. I hope you enjoy and find the video helpful.
How To Cut The Most Common Vegetables

How To Cut The Most Common Vegetables

chef jean pierre 200x200 1Chef Jean-Pierre
Hello friends, today I'm showing you How To Cut All The Vegetables that I use on my channel! A great video for you to come back to every so often to check on how to cut a specific vegetable.
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