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Homemade Mayonnaise – You’ll Never Buy It Again!

I am going to share with you the techniques I use in making a homemade mayonnaise, turning it into a delicious Garlic Aioli, then finishing it as a wonderful Remoulade. Great for any seafood cake, grilled fish, roasted chicken or vegetables.

Homemade Mayonnaise is so much better than store-bought! It’s super easy to make, and it tastes so much fresher. Plus, you can control the ingredients, so if you want to use organic eggs or olive oil, you can. Homemade Mayonnaise also doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Once you’ve had Homemade Mayonnaise, you’ll never go back to store-bought again!

How to Make Mayonnaise

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3 egg Yolks

    2 tablespoons Dijon Mustard

      ¼ teaspoon Salt

        ¼ teaspoon White Pepper

          2 cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil


            • Makes 2 ½ Cups
            • Place egg yolks in a glass bowl.  Add mustard, salt and pepper and whisk together briefly.  Begin adding the oil, drop by drop, while whisking continuously.  When the mixture begins to thicken, you may begin to whisk in the oil in a thin stream, until you have a VERY thick mixture.


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